Design of an ecosan toilet model for Kenyan schools

Show simple item record Ngugi, Keziah Mayaka, Abel N. Andala, Dickson Mwangi, Moses 2017-02-27T09:40:11Z 2017-02-27T09:40:11Z 2017-02-27
dc.description The 3rd KESSA International and Interdisciplinary Conference, held at Multimedia University of Kenya Hotel, June 22-25, 2016 Nairobi, Kenya. Pp. 366-374. en_US
dc.description.abstract An increasing awareness worldwide on the environmental problems associated with inappropriate sanitation implementation has led to the development of Ecological Sanitation Technology (Ecosan). It has been promoted for environmental reasons as well as for issues such as economics which include water conservation, management of water resources pollution and outbreaks of waterborne diseases, recycling of nutrients to arable land, easy operation, negligible maintenance costs, dignity and convenience. Urine Diversion Toilet (UDT) (Ecosan toilet), has been found to be more hygienic and sanitary acceptable human waste management systems but have not been well received in Kenya. The aim of this component of study was to improve the design of current Ecosan toilet used and increase their uptake. The study involved literature review, designing and fabrication of an Ecosan toilet with ash dispensing and toilet hole opening and closing mechanisms. An ash dispensing unit that is operated as a water cistern has been designed to eliminate direct handling of ash in Ecosan toilets. Also an opening and closing mechanism of toilet hole attached to the pan has been designed to eliminate exposer of human feaces. This improvement of the designed UDT is expected to improve the uptake of these toilets and is recommended for use by the communities and government and nongovernmental institutions charged with sanitary management, environment, water and agriculture in Kenya. en_US
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dc.title Design of an ecosan toilet model for Kenyan schools en_US
dc.type Presentation en_US

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