Measurement of the π 0 → e +e −γ Dalitz decay at the Mainz Microtron

Show simple item record Adlarson, P. Afzal, F. Aguar-Bartolom´, P. Ahmed, Z. Akondi, C. S. Annand, J. R. M. Arends, H. J. Bantawa, K. Beck, R. Berghauser, H. Biroth, M. Borisov, N. S. Braghieri, A. Briscoe, W. J. Cherepnya, S. Cividini, F. Collicott, C. Costanza, S. Denig, A. Dieterle, M. Downie, E. J. Drexler, P. Ferretti Bondy, M. I. Fil’kov, L. V. Gardner, S. Garni, S. Glazier, D. I. Glowa, D. Gradl, W. Gurevich, G. M. Hamilton, D. J. Hornidge, D. Huber, G. M. Jude, T. C. Kaser, A. Kashevarov, V. L. Kay, S. Keshelashvili, I. Kondratiev, R. Korolija, M. Krusche, B. Kulikov, V. V. Lazarev, A. Linturi, James M. Lisin, V. Livingston, K. MacGregor, I. J. D. Macrae, R. Manley, D. M. Martel, P. P. Martemianov, M. McGeorge, J. C. McNicoll, E. F. Metag, V. Middleton, D. G. Miskimen, R. Mornacchi, E. Mullen, C. Mushkarenkov, A. Neganov, A. Neiser, A. Nikolaev, A. Oberle, M. Ostrick, M. Ott, P. Otte, P. B. Paudyal, D. Pedroni, P. Polonski, A. Prakhov, S. 2018-02-08T09:21:26Z 2018-02-08T09:21:26Z 2017-02-07
dc.identifier.citation Physical Review C, 95, 025202 en_US
dc.identifier.issn 2469-9985
dc.description DOI: en_US
dc.description.abstract The Dalitz decay π 0 → e +e −γ has been measured in the γp → π 0 p reaction with the A2 taggedphoton facility at the Mainz Microtron, MAMI. The value obtained for the slope parameter of the π 0 electromagnetic transition form factor, aπ = 0.030 ± 0.010tot , is in agreement with existing measurements of this decay and with recent theoretical calculations. The uncertainty obtained in the value of aπ is lower than in previous results based on the π 0 → e +e −γ decay. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher American Physical Society en_US
dc.title Measurement of the π 0 → e +e −γ Dalitz decay at the Mainz Microtron en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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