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  • Wachira, Francis N. (Tea Research Foundation, Kericho Kenya, 1994)
    Reviews the rate of the genetic input (i.e breeding and selection) in quality realization in black tea. Discusses introduction/source of tea planting materials, hybridization, clonal selection and development of synthetic ...
  • Wachira, Francis N.; Bore, J. K.; Njuguna, C. K. (Tea Research Foundation of Kenya, 1994)
    Thirteen provenances (11 exotics and 2 Kenyan) of 6 Eucalyptus species (E. camaldulensis, E. dunnii, E. globulus, E. grandis, E. paniculata, E. saligna) were evaluated in a field trial at Timbilil estate, Kericho, Kenya ...
  • Wachira, Francis N.; Ng'etich, W. K.; Obaga, S. O.; Othieno, C. O. (Tea Research Foundation of Kenya, 1990)
    Information on genotype environment interaction (GE) is derived from data on 2 yield components (shoot density and shoot dry weight) in 3 Camellia sinensis clones at 3 locations. GE was a significant source of variation ...
  • Wachira, Francis N. (Tea Research Foundation of Kenya, 1990)
    An overview is presented of current work on the search for biochemical and cytological markers linked to desired agronomic and quality characters for use as selection criteria in breeding work.
  • Wachira, Francis N.; Ng'etich, W. K. (Taylor & Francis, 2003)
    Experiments were conducted in Kenya to evaluate the variation in leaf anatomy and gas exchange in 25 diploid, triploid and tetraploid clones of tea ( Camellia sinensis L.). There were significant variations in the different ...

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